Big change requires
big thinkers 

pymetrics is built by market-changers and designed with purpose.

The beginning of it all 

After a decade working as an academic neuroscientist at Harvard and MIT, I got a fellowship for an MBA at Harvard where I had a front-row seat to the recruiting process.

I was shocked to see it hadn’t really changed in the (many) years since I graduated from college. My classmates were prepping for 6 months to land their “perfect” internship or job, only to hate it 3 days in. I was experiencing the problem too. My 30-page-plus academic resume said nothing of what I could do in the business world, let alone that I could be a tech entrepreneur. I was a 38-year-old single mom who didn’t fit the 20-something, male entrepreneur mold. There had to be a better solution.

Platforms like Spotify and Netflix take in information about you and give personalized recommendations that seem to know you better than you know yourself. Their movie recommendations are not based on their descriptions. Instead, they analyze movies deeply based on traits and then match you with suggestions based on what you like in movies.

Where was the equivalent for jobs? pymetrics set out to solve this problem, harnessing the power of ethical AI to match people to the jobs where they are most likely to succeed.

Meet our team 

Frida Polli PHD

Chief Executive Officer

Bob Toohey


Michael Ganci

Chief Client Officer

Michelle McComb

Chief Financial Officer

Lewis Baker PHD

Director of Data Science

Kelly Trindel PHD

Head of IO & Diversity Analytics

Mike DePuy

Senior Director of Engineering

Priyanka Jain

Head of Product

Avital Gertner-Samet

Avital Gertner-Samet

Barbara Marder

Board Member

Paul Jaquin

Board Member

Samir Kaul

Board Member

Alex Crisses

Board Member

John Spinale

Board Member

Gary Reiner

Board Member

Susan Lyne

Board Member

Zach Lynch

Board Member

Josh Bersin


Bradley Tusk


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What drives us forward 

We are motivated by mission

The pymetrics team is first and foremost driven by the impact of our product and mission. We are dedicated to our team, users, and clients and we work with passion in everything we do.

We choose positivity

No matter the challenges we’re facing, we choose to be positive and collaborate with a diverse community. We recognize that we are lucky to be building something meaningful, and we are having fun doing it.

We are humble & curious

We don’t know everything and choose to embody a beginner’s mind. Our humility drives curiosity to constantly be learning and improving—it drives a desire to teach and collaborate.

We are biased to action

When we see problems, we hold ourselves accountable and solve them. We set a high bar for ourselves, and we achieve it.

We act with integrity

We focus on doing the right thing—individually, as a team, and with our technology. We operate with integrity and honesty, driving us to excellence and authenticity.

We strive to do the impossible

If it doesn’t seem impossible, we’re not aiming high enough. We are building an innovative product, and our team is not afraid to boldly push forward our vision of the world.

Our work is making ripples 

Forbes Artificial Intelligence 50


Inc #338 fastest-growing AI company


#8 Top TED Talk


WEF Technology Pioneer


Inc Top 100 Female Founders


NYT Good Tech Awards