A new standard for understanding talent 

Match talent to the right jobs by replacing archaic resumes with behavioral data. The pymetrics platform is powered by a science-backed, fairness-first approach to assessments that candidates and employees love to engage with.

Level the playing field 

Ethical by design

All of our assessments are based on gold-standard behavioral research and have been tested for bias across gender and ethnicity. Discover the science behind the platform that makes this possible.

No right or wrong

Rather than measuring ability directionally like with a global IQ measure, pymetrics assessments have no right or wrong answers—every profile is assessed based on fit to a specific role. Because we build custom models, there is no single definition of success.

Engaging experience

pymetrics assessments drive a 98% completion rate and 95% satisfaction rate. They are available in 20+ languages with adjusted options for disability accommodations. Upon completion, all participants receive personalized, actionable insights and job recommendations for their future.

Core games 

Leverage a patented set of 12 engaging games to fairly and accurately measure cognitive and emotional attributes in only 25 minutes. Each game captures thousands of behavioral data points, then builds a profile of what makes a person and job unique.






completion rate

What we measure
Decision Making
Risk Tolerance

Numerical & logical reasoning 

Broaden your understanding of someone’s potential by adding numerical & logical reasoning. The assessment includes an additional four games that take 7-10 minutes to complete, all in one platform for the user.






completion rate

What we measure
Quantitative Reasoning
Numerical Agility

Video interview 

In an integrated platform for candidates and recruiters, the video interview builds on our gamified assessments, providing a comprehensive evaluation of every candidate.

Structured evaluation process

pymetrics can suggest tailored interview questions based on data that recruiters then finalize. Each candidate is asked the same, job-related questions and recruiters evaluate them based on job-relevant competencies, streamlining the process and minimizing bias.

Internal collaboration

Videos are easily shareable across recruiters and hiring managers to find the right fit for every candidate. Ensure everyone has the right data and context to make the best decision.

Candidate experience

Candidates have the option to hide their self-camera and timer, practice using our system as much as they want and re-record each answer once if needed. Candidates can also learn about the company, role, and hiring process by watching videos that put each interview question into context.